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The Republic of Liga is a fictious conworld on earth and Micras, see
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 A Hello from Ergonia

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Thadeus Lange Jr

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PostSubject: A Hello from Ergonia   Thu Mar 26, 2015 10:34 pm

Hello and Greetings from Ergonia!

My name is Thadeus Z. Lange Jr and I am the Chairman of the Governing Council of The Independent Realm of Ergonia, a nation that is based in the northeastern part of the continent of Keltia.

We noticed that the Republic of Liga was a new nation on Micras and we would be interested in the possibility of discussing mutual diplomatic recognition and perhaps a Treaty of Friendship.

In case Liga would be interested in a Treaty of Friendship and Alliance, we have prepared one below.  If you would like for anything in it to be changed, or are not interested in a treaty at this time, simply let us know.  Our hopeful goal is to build a strong and lasting friendship with all nations with which we have diplomatic relations.

Quote :




  AFFIRMING the spirit of friendship and cooperation on which relations between the two nations are based, and wishing to place their relations on a closer and more solid foundation;

  AFFIRMING that both nations formally recognize and respect each other as independent and sovereign nations, including the sovereign territories and property of each other: websites, message boards, any money deposited into the SCUE bank system, any money deposited into phpBank or other bank systems, territorial waters, and any land claims approved by the Micronational Cartographical Society;

  RECOGNIZING, with regards to economic relations, that the Parties affirm their commitment to investigating the possibilities of bilateral international trade; agree to the establishment of a common rate of exchange between their two currencies, and the maintenance of that rate; agree to investigate the possibilities of financial incentives in relation to trade between the two countries and to develop and strengthen further economical and financial links between the two;

  RECOGNIZING, with regards to military relations, that the Parties agree to not take arms against the other (except in the case of ANUNIA sanctioned rec-wars approved by the mutual consent of both nations' governments); to seek further avenues for enhanced military co-operation on matters of joint strategic importance; and to develop plans for the holding of exercises and events involving the armed forces of both Parties for the purpose of improving co-operation and joint working and improving working relationships;

  PROVIDING that should Liga be attacked in an ANUNIA sanctioned rec-war, Ergonia will automatically ally with Liga (unless the attacking nation had a prior signed neutrality treaty or agreement with Ergonia), and likewise Liga will automatically ally with Ergonia if Ergonia is attacked (unless the attacking nation had a prior signed neutrality treaty or agreement with Liga);

  ACKNOWLEDGING the importance to each nation of the relationship between them;

  RESOLVED to evaluate and pursue opportunities for their governments to work closer together in a spirit of understanding on matters of mutual interest;

  CONVINCED of the importance of creating, developing and maintaining relations on an equitable and mutually advantageous basis in a long-term perspective;

  RECOGNIZING that cooperation between the two nations should have their common interest in the prosperity and welfare of both nations;

  ESTABLISHING that this treaty may be modified in the future by joint agreement of both parties and approved by the signatures of the sovereigns of both nations;

  RECOGNIZING that each Treaty Party shall grant onto the other's sovereign full immunity from prosecution for offenses that may be committed within its jurisdiction;

  AFFIRMING that each contracting party has the right to appoint an ambassador to the other contracting party, where each contracting party is allowed to demand immediate removal of the ambassador at any time since arrival and without notice;

  WHICH HAVE RESOLVED to conclude this treaty and for that purpose sign to indicate acceptance as follows:


  Thadeus Z. Lange Jr
  Sovereign and Chair of the Governing Council
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A Hello from Ergonia
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