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The Republic of Liga is a fictious conworld on earth and Micras, see
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 Banks on Liga

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George Besich

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PostSubject: Banks on Liga   Wed Jan 28, 2015 4:34 pm

The three main banks on Liga are:

The LFB is the oldest bank on Liga, and a lot of offshore banking is been done thru the LFB.
LFB offers high secure banking, good interest rates and ideal for hedgefunds and tax evasion

The Banque Commerciale du Liga is a solid bank for tax evasion and offshore banking.
The BCL offers also anonymous accounts.

The ITB bank is a serious international bank for secure international transfers and deposits.
Its main operation is offshore and trade banking.

All banks on Liga use the IBS2 or the IBS3 banking system. (Note: IBS3 is in development and scheduled for opening in march 2015)
See for details.
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Banks on Liga
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