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The Republic of Liga is a fictious conworld on earth and Micras, see
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 Starting a Juridical Case

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PostSubject: Starting a Juridical Case   Tue Jan 27, 2015 5:03 pm


Starting a Juridical Case

Step 1:Setting the Case

When a citizen of the Republic of Liga wants to settle an issue in court then only a registered citizen of Liga can start a case. Often this will be a lawyer, but individual citizens may start also a case. Companies, or the government itself can also start a case directly at a court.
A case can be addressed to the Regional Court only exept for Military, Tax or Political courts. Those can be accessed directly.
When a case already has been sentenced a follow up case, wich must exist, can be addressed to the National Court of Appeal.
If that has been sentenced a final appeal can be made to the High Legal Committee.

Step 2: Introducing the Case

A case can be introduced, appealed to a court with a clear description, or on a suspected break of law. The lawyer or presenting
citized needs to introduce proof of the accusation.

Step 3: Case Study by Court

The court will study the case, and after that it will ask for defending introductions of materials, to support or either deny the case.
There is a period of 30 days for this phase.

Step 4: Verdict

The court will study the materials in support or deny, and after a minimum period of 7 days the court will settle a verdict.
A verdict is a final sentency by the courts judge. The judge can add another 30 days for postpone if more study is needed.
After the postponed period a verdict will be sentenced. This verdict may either deny the case, settle the case or sentence
another verdict according to the law.

Step 5: Appeal

A defendant has the right to withing 7 days appeal with a higher court to study the case again. After 7 days the appeal is not
possible anymore and the case is closed. Closed cases can only be opened by the Senate or the President.

Source: Labberlot University
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Starting a Juridical Case
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